Tibia Canob
24 January 2020  New custom equipments was released, you can check our wiki page.
18 January 2020  OTClient with include bot and many other features is available in download section.
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IP Address: tibiacanob.com | Port: 7171 | Client: Canob 8.60
Welcome to our newest player: Dalis Mort
07 January 2016 by GOD Canob -

Tibia Canob is online since january 2016 without server reset. 
We are the best custom high exp server of Tibia that you will play.

Lokey Resets: 1280
Mazikeen Resets: 1213
Flokey Resets: 1120
Kollists Resets: 997
Gigabyte Resets: 943
Tyferius Resets: 862
Asznee Resets: 847
Ramsey Resets: 792
Dillix Resets: 762
Acheuz Resets: 740